How can i help and what do I offer?

Musical Services specialized but not limited to:  
Production(songwriting, producer, collaborator),  
Music Education,  
Consulting/Coaching(Music Business/High School to College transition). 

I offer musical services such as...... 

Production: Creating music for singers, songwriters, collaborations, visual medium (commercial, film, television) I can turn your song into a finished project that you're excited about.  

Consultation: Music Business, Production Progress, Resources, Brainstorming, Getting Started.  

Music Education: Consultation, Lessons, Master Classes(Jazz, Percussion, Marching, Orchestra).  

Arranging: Adapting existing music to fit your needs and guidance over gaining the rights to do so.  

Composition: Original music created for various idioms such as: Singers, Bands, Professional Ensembles, Orchestras, Bands, Marching Bands, Percussion Ensembles, etc. 

Drums: Live Performance, Studio Sessions, Remote Recording, Drum Production/Sequencing/Arranging via DAW.  

High Schooler Consultant/Coaching: Need help navigating school choice, student loans, and college life decisions?